Esquire Golden Retrievers breeds in strict compliance with the GRCA Code of Ethics.  All of our dogs have the full measure of required health clearances going back many generations, and every dog we breed has been proved worthy through competition to AKC titles.

We breed for health, longevity, temperament, conformation and original purpose. Every puppy we produce is the product of months or years of painstaking research to make the best puppies we possibly can. Puppies are whelped and reared according to the Avidog system, using cutting-edge and tried-and-true methods to produce puppies that mature into physically healthy, mentally stable dogs.

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About Us

Esquire Golden Retrievers

We show, breed and love Golden Retrievers, and have a passion for the breed and for the sport of dogs. All of our puppies are raised in our home and share their space with two humans, two cats and all our adult dogs.



We are dedicated members of the Golden Retriever Club of America, and we strictly adhere to the GRCA Code of Ethics, and breed to the Golden Retriever breed standard.



We breed and rear puppies according to the Avidog principles for rearing healthy, stable and courageous puppies.


Orthopedic Foundaton for Animals

Health clearances for all our dogs are dutifully reported to the OFA and can be found on their website.